The Port of Long Beach (POLB) and Port of Los Angeles (POLA) recently adopted ‘Clean Trucks programme’ is to utilise equipment from Cryostar as part of the installation of the largest LNG vehicle refuelling station in the world.

POLA & POLB have adopted the ‘San Pedro Bay Ports Clean Air Action Plan’ to improve air quality in the South Coast Air Basin more quickly and aggressively than has ever been attempted by any seaport, anywhere in the world.

The main goal is to reduce air pollution from the diesel truck fleet by up to 80% by 2012, by financing a new generation of new or retrofitted vehicles.

Beginning 1st October 2008, trucks manufactured in 1988 and older are to be banned. The programme will then progressively ban all trucks that don’t meet 2007 emission standards within 4 years, and encourage truck fleets of alternatively-fuelled vehicles, such as LNG.

Part of the initiative will involve the installation of the largest LNG Vehicle Refuelling Station in the world in the Port of Long Beach. This will be equipped with eight Cryostar SUBTRAN transfer pumps, two Offload pumps GBS, one reciprocating pump MRP, and the Cryostar LNG station control panel and software.

The refuelling station supplying saturated and cold LNG is being built in partnership with General Physics and Chart USA, for Clean Energy.