Cryostar \\$quot;“ a world leader in industrial gas pumps and turbines \\$quot;“ has been in the forefront of cryogenic equipment design and manufacture for more than 30 years. The company has tripled its turnover over the last five years and continues to show strong growth.

In 1967 the France based company was the first company to manufacture liquefied gas distribution pumps and since then Cryostar has continued to stay in the leading position of the cryogenic equipment market \\$quot;“ both in terms of revenue and technology. Today, the company has a global presence with 8 business centres around the world, a wide agent network and an annual turnover in excess of 100 million Euros.

90% of Cryostar\\$quot;s products are exported and especially in Europe and Asia the company enjoys a strong foothold. The global market for cryogenic equipment is characterised by a few global and a variety of local competitors with customers putting emphasis on price, reliability and safety. In the past Cryostar was perceived as superior quality but also fairly expensive. The continued growth of Cryostar has enabled the company to achieve synergies and increased buying power and to use this to supply the same quality pumps at great value.


The unrivalled MRP Pump///Cryostar

Cryostar serves the industrial gas market through a wide product range of centrifugal and piston pumps as well as filling stations. The last couple of years have seen several new product launches. The development and introduction of the GBSD centrifugal pump to the European and Asian market has been very successful both in terms of sales and customer satisfaction. This transfer pump is a direct coupled pump with frequency converter and a design pressure of up to 50 bar.

The piston pump product range has been extended with the MRP pump with which Cryostar already has around 100 references. All major gas companies globally are using it and its performance is unrivalled in the market both in terms of reliability and performance.

In the cylinder filling market Cryostar offers its customers full turnkey solutions through its subsidiary Cryostar Automation. This part of the business is focused solely on cylinder filling systems and vehicle fuelling stations for LNG and LCNG. In response to customer demands, Cryostar Automation solutions are now provided with operations management technology which enables tracking of and reporting on production.

Cryostar\\$quot;s product portfolio also extends outside industrial gas pumps. The company is a leading supplier of process pumps to air separation units, turbines for hydrocarbon processing and compressors for LNG ships. Especially, the booming shipping sector is one of the reasons for the rapid growth Cryostar is presently experiencing.


The market has seen a continued emphasis on reliability and lifetime costs from especially the major gas companies. For Cryostar this has meant not only providing high quality products but also developing a service package which ensures optimal customer operations. In addition to a world-wide network of service engineers, 24 hr emergency services and tailored maintenance programmes, Cryostar\\$quot;s service capabilities also include expert advice all through the purchase process and an online spare parts ordering facility.

The Cryostar headquarter in France hosts the worlds biggest and most sophisticated pump and turbine testing facility. All products are pre-tested before leaving site, ensuring that only products that have passed the stringent test criteria are delivered to customers.


The future for Cryostar involves driving forward its global growth strategy. The new year will see the opening of the first office in South America and the completion of a new 1,200 m2 assembly hall at the head quarters in France. This will ensure that Cryostar continues to meet customer demands in terms of quality, service and innovation.

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