Cryostar, supplier of high-tech cryogenic equipment, is ready to launch a new LNG/LCNG fuelling station in Auxerre, France.

Carrier Picq & Charbonnier, a transport and logistics service, wanted access to the best LNG technology, while working with local companies. Cryostar offered the best solution to meet these needs.

Cryostar already boasts a long list of LNG/LCNG fuelling station references, but the completion of a turnkey, modular and economical station represents a first for an independent carrier.

The station will include two LNG dispensers, two LCNG dispensers, a system for converting cold liquefied natural gas, a double centrifugal pump skid, a high-pressure modular pump and a LCNG buffer.

In addition, a service and maintenance contract has been established to enable the customer to better control its operating costs. 

Especially adapted to carrier and loader vehicle fleets, Cryostar’s range of LNG/LCNG fuelling stations offer its customers the chance to drive green for less.