Wehn kryoplus GmbH recently hosted Cryostar at its premises in Wilnsdorf, Germany for the launch of the latter’s new CBSH 225/5 pump.

The CBSH 225/5 is Cryostar’s innovative new hydraulic-driven pump for cryogenic mobile tankers.

Featuring a compact high duty and low noise gearbox with a robust power transmission capable of passing up to 90kW, the pump can achieve high flow rates with a discharge pressure of 40 bar with liquid nitrogen (LIN).

The pump also benefits from the latest innovation for safe, reliable and user-friendly operation.

It was unveiled amidst strong industry attendance, with gas companies, logistic companies and trailer manufacturers such as Cryolor and VRV present and three European countries (Germany, France and Italy) represented. Cryostar itself was represented by sales, product management, and engineering personnel.

CBSH 225/5 pump launch

Source: Cryostar

The event saw Cryostar make a presentation of the new CBSH 225/5, showing its technical features and innovative design, while a dismounted pump was exhibited in the workshop to allow for a more detailed exploration.

This was followed by a demonstration of the pump in action from Wehn kryoplus owner Michael Wehn and his team, having modified a GOFA semi-trailer owned and operated by Westfalen AG and replaced a CBSH 185/4 pump with the new CBSH 225/5.

Guests were able to see the pump achieving 40 bar with LIN, with a flow rate of 600 litres per minute (l/min) – the limit of the flow meter. A higher flow rate could have been achieved with other piping and flow meter configurations.