The new LNG station from Air Liquide began operating in Nancy in April 2016, with Cryostar providing a complete package of equipment for the station. 

The equipment included a redundant submerged LNG pump skid, two LNG dispensers built around CRYOFUELTRONICS TM, LCNG pumps, vaporisers, buffer management skid, odoriser, the station control system, the patented LinAssist TM LNG cooling, and SatNow TM ‘on the fly’ saturation systems.

Cryostar also supported Air Liquide with its cryogenic plant and systems engineering, as well as the station commissioning, including weights and measures certifications of the LNG dispensers.

Air Liquide has entrusted the installation of a second identical station in Lesquin, which began operation in September 2016.

Cryostar has already equipped more than 80 stations and sold 19 of their brand new LNG 2.0 dispensers all over the world.