Weldcoa Inc. and Cryostar USA have completed the transfer of Absolute Zero Cryogenics (AZ) to Cryostar USA.

AZ is a wholly owned subsidiary of Weldcoa and provides complete solutions for all cryogenic pump applications. Effective as of today, Cryostar USA is taking over operation of the former AZ facility in Aurora, Illinois.

Hector Villarreal, President Weldcoa, stated, “In 2009, we started AZ in order to better serve our clients. Today we are taking that idea to the next level by having Cryostar on site.”

“AZ was the right idea at the right time but as a company we felt that we had taken AZ as far as we could with our limited resources. Cryostar is the largest Cryogenic pump manufacturer in the world. We now have on-site access to their extensive resources. This is a big win for our clients,” continued Villarreal.

Weldcoa will continue to partner with Cryostar and offer Cryostar pumps as their preferred solution, and Cryostar will continue to support AZ warranty terms. Cryostar recognises that part of AZ’s success was the peace of mind assurance, to the client, that they would support the equipment long term.

Mark Sutton, Business Manager Cryostar USA LLC said, “We at Cryostar USA are committed to providing the same level of service and support that AZ was known for.’’

“Strategically adding a fourth Cryostar location in the Midwest makes a lot of sense to us. It’s a strong addition to our existing locations in Pennsylvania, California and Texas,” explained Sutton.

Aurora-based Cryostar USA will continue to sell new cryogenic pumps and provide a full range of support services. The existing AZ service exchange programme, high quality repairs, OEM spare parts and onsite service will continue to be available.