Cryostar, an international company specialising in cryogenic equipment and involved in the supply of cryogenic machinery to the LNG industry, has revealed that its two MTC600/240 expander-compressors have been commissioned on schedule and have delivered expected levels of performance in the onshore gas processing plant of Ormen Lange, Norway.

Also the name of one of the most famous Viking long ships, Ormen Lange is the largest natural gas field in development on the Norwegian continental shelf and the most advanced technologies have been used to extract gas from this field, including subsea wellheads and the world’s longest subsea export pipeline.

The Cryostar expanders belong to the largest Cryostar MTC frame-size and are equipped with the biggest magnetic bearings and the biggest wheels ever used in Cryostar turbomachinery.

Of the technologies utilised at the Ormen Lange field, this includes the world’s longest subsea export pipeline leading to Easington in England.