CryoVation has announced the 2011 schedule for its Specialty Gas Institute, with quarterly week-long courses on the calendar and more due to be added.

Currently, institutes are scheduled for 28th March to 1st April, 20th-24th June, 12th-16th September and 12th-16th December.

The course is taught by specialty gas expert Ray Borzio in the new, fully-outfitted Global Calibration Gases laboratory. Participants receive certificates and training manuals upon completion of the course.

The course combines theory and lab exercises in specialty gases production and gas analysis, and includes a daylong refresher course in cGMP for medical oxygen fillers.

Classroom topics include purification technology, gas mixture filling and Gravimetrics, pre-mix calculations and gas chromatography. In the lab, participants gets hands-on training with electrolytic and electrochemical detectors, flame ionisation detectors, paramagnetic detectors, thermal conductivity GC and Micro-GC TCD systems.

The complete syllabus and fee schedule can be found online at: