Sales are no longer the high street’s prerogative; indeed, CryoVation has launched a large sale across its complete range of vaporisers.
The price reductions stretch across the company’s ambient, high pressure, portable and low pressure vaporisers. All Ambient Vaporisers are included in the sale. Meanwhile Portable Vaporisers are restricted to those less than six feet tall, with capacities of up to 2000 Standard Cubic Feet per Hour (scfh), aluminium units suited to LIN/LAR/LOX/LCO2 services.
Some vaporisers within the range boast of less than one minute construction time. Similarly, the company has reiterated that units can be altered or made to custom specifications.
The sale began on 5th August 2010 and has no official end date. CryoVation encourages interested consumers to find out more at its website –