Fort Myers, Florida-based CryoVation is offering an upgraded SureGas System for providing unattended, medium to high-pressure gas flow for end-user applications.

The SureGas System allows manufacturing to maintain a constant, uninterrupted gas supply at pressures exceeding bulk tank capability (for laser cutting, injection molding).

The system prevents interruption in the gas supply that can result in lost productivity, reduced quality or even downtime.

Further still, the system utilises CryoVation’s PAC-1 (Pump Automated Control) Console, Cryogenic Pump and Vaporiser to pressurise a high-pressure gas pack or reserve storage bank. The PAC-1 is PLC controlled and will automatically cool-down the pump and fill the reserve bank based upon pressure set-points.

Built-in safety features protect the pump and system. Regulators control the desired flow of product to the customer’s process.