CryoVation recently unveiled the new SuperPro Pump Control Panel.
The unit amalgamates three systems into a NEMA-4 enclosure; the Pump Prime Protection kit, Liquid Saver and Unloader Kit; all of which include an hour meter, circuit breaker and overpressure switch.

The Pump Prime Protection Kit monitors pump discharge temperature and is able to interrupt operation if temperature exceeds and maintains a level above the set-point. The system also offers adjustable time-delay relay, adjustable set-point and thermocouple probe and fittings to align with the discharge track.

Similarly, the Liquid Saver prevents unnecessary pump frosting by automatically closing liquid supply to a cryogenic pump after a pre-set period of inactivity. This part of the unit features a liquid supply solenoid valve, adjustable time delay relays and status indicator lights.

Finally, the Unloader Kit ensures the release of excessive high pressure in the discharge line prior to unit activation - consequently reducing wear and tear.

The group also offers an automatic control version, designed for end-user applications which demand pressures that exceed ordinary bulk capabilities. The PAC-I can be operated unattended, is PLC controlled and features automatic cool-down, start-up and shut-down, as well as cavitation sensing and auto re-start. Furthermore, CryoVation offers customisation of the devices according to users needs.