CryoVation releases turnkey mobile filling system. The company promises cost savings in excess of 400%, reduced infection risk, and improved control over oxygen inventory.
The CryoVation unit is contained in a box truck or cargo trailer, with optional features such as lighting, work desks and cylinder prep areas. Aimed for high-volume filling without a bulk tank, the system allows oxygen distributors to improve profitability and cylinder asset control by replacing a ‘cascading’ system with a liquid-to-gas filling system.
CryoVation released the product to address mobile filling needs of suppliers. Ordinarily, the common medical ‘E’ cylinder goes from patient to DMI provider, and subsequently from provider to the gas supplier, only to finally be resold. CryoVation’s mobile filling system offers a more direct process where-in the gas supplier can bring the product directly to the DME provider.
Benefits include a filling rate of 100 E-cylinders per hour, or 2,500 ft³ / hour and optional upgrades. Similarly, the system pumps from a standard liquid cylinder to minimise losses (45 gallon, 250 PSI or larger). In addition, the unit is self-contained and issued with all necessary equipment to vent, evacuate and fill both D and E cylinders.