CryoVation has unveiled a new electrically-powered helium (He) booster pump that has been designed to easily boost He gas to pressures up to 4,000 psi (300 bar).

The Helio Surge Helium Booster Pump uses liquid nitrogen (N2) to lower the temperature of gaseous He, enabling it to effectively boost pressures in ground storage or tubes and reducing fill times at lower temperatures.

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Source: CryoVation

Its portable, skid mounted design means that the Helio Surge can either be pad-mounted or connected to a liquid N2 bulk tank or a dewar for mobile operations.

The motor-driven pump features a liquid solenoid valve that automatically controls the flow of coolant into the pump with zero impurities then imparted into the gas product.

It also features built-in pressure and temperature safety technologies and allows a flow rate of up to 80 cubic feet per minute.

A statement from the US-based business explained, “The new CryoVation Helio Surge offers many upgrades from a typical booster pump, the first of which is total cost ownership (TCO); the Helio Surge uses a typical cryogenic positive displacement pump and liquid N2 to give a TCO that’s far less than previous booster pumps.”