Leading high pressure gas containment systems manufacturer Chesterfield Special Cylinders (CSC) has appointed a former RAF Red Arrows squadron member as its new sales engineer, working in the transport and aerospace sectors.

Before joining CSC, Craig Peckett was an engineer in the RAF for 16 years. His tours of duty included The Falklands and Iraq.

The nature of this role meant that Peckett was fundamentally familiar compressed gas cylinders and their importance, as he explained in announcing his new position with CSC.

He commented, “Having been in the RAF for 16 years I am fully aware of the reputation CSC holds amongst the armed forces and in other sectors, where people’s lives often depend on their oxygen and propellant cylinders. We relied on CSC’s safety-critical cylinders every day.”

“At CSC I am drawing on various experiences from the RAF, such as engineering, technology and budgeting, as well as dealing directly with key manufacturers such as BAE, who are also RAF suppliers. CSC is opening up new markets with new products, so I am joining at exactly the right time.”

This experience is not lost on CSC, with Managing Director,Mick Pinder, adding, “It is highly significant to have a new team member who has actually had to rely on our products when flying in one of the world’s elite squadrons at 34,000 feet.”

“Craig’s first-hand experience of CSC’s cylinders gives him great authority when dealing with customers and he will be pivotal to our growth in the transport and aerospace sectors.”

Craig Peckett Red Arrows

Source: Chesterfield Special Cylinders

In his former role, Peckett was hand-picked to be an engineer for the RAF’s elite Red Arrows squadron, ensuring its BAE Hawk T1 aircraft were airworthy at all times and taking part in two world tours. He then joined the RAF’s Tornado squadron before taking his commission as an engineering officer.