CTR Inc, a leader in the field of cryogenic and gas handling equipment, has signed a joint marketing agreement with Ratermann Manufacturing, offering a wide range of products and services for the gas, cryogenic and medical markets.

The marketing programme brings several CTR products to the Ratermann portfolio and provides a new ‘channel of distribution’ for CTR.

These products include, the Argon-A-Mizer, Gatekeeper, liquid cylinder polisher, vacuum jacketed flexible hoses, dual vaporizer switching unit and Whisper Vent products.

Jeff Winegar, CTR CEO, explained, “This agreement gives us a new channel of distribution and an exciting professional sales organisation to market CTR fill plant equipment.”

Brent Lockhart, Vice President of Sales for Ratermann, affirmed, “CTR’s reputation for quality and their breadth of plant equipment adds a family of products that are first class in design and manufacture to the portfolio of products we are able to offer to our customers. We are very excited to work with an organisation with such an outstanding reputation and feel that our customers will truly benefit from this venture between our companies.”