The Cuban energy revolution has attracted the interest of the UN under secretary general, Achin Steiner, after a recent visit to the North Caribbean island republic.

Steiner expressed his appeal and satisfaction after visiting the ENERGAS joint venture in the Habana province, where two electricity plants producing 70 mw using gas were inaugurated last month.

As the executive director of the UN Environment Program (UNEP) too, Steiner met with Cuban foreign minister Felipe Perez Roque in Havana to participate in the 6th International Convention on the Environment and Development. The event is underway at Havana's Convention Centre with the participation of almost 700 national and foreign specialists from 30 countries.

The high ranking UN official explained, $quot;One of the reasons of my trip to the island is the Cuban program to achieve an efficient use of energy and its influence on economy.$quot;

The so-called Energy revolution that began in Cuba in 2005, is based on the installation of efficient electricity generating plants, the regeneration of electricity distribution networks and the substitution of old electrical appliances for new ones.

In less than three years the country has been able to reach a generating capacity that exceeds the maximum level of demand for electricity.