Catering to one of the hottest trends in cold coffee, family-owned American manufacturer of coffee brewing equipment Wilbur Curtis has introduced its new Nitro Infuser to help operators grab a piece of the nitro craze.


Source: Wilbur Curtis

The simple yet highly-versatile component makes it easy for convenience stores, speciality coffee operations and restaurants add a creamy, stout-like effect to a wide variety of drink items.

The Curtis Nitro Infuser produces a longer lasting drink that seems thicker, creamier and sweeter without adding additional calories. Although nitro cold brew coffee is the most popular example, inventive operators are finding many other applications for nitrogenation, including teas, juices, and beer as well.

Epitomising Curtis smart engineering, the Curtis Nitro Infuser is compact, easy to install, and features an exclusive patented design. It has no power requirements, no delicate electronics and no uncontrollable ball valves.

“Plus, its stainless-steel construction and simple design makes cleaning a breeze,” explained the company in a press release.

“The three channel unit provides support for three dispensing taps. Individual precision controls enable operators to offer different nitro-infused drinks at once, dial in just the right amount of infusion, and serve up beverages with better cascading—up to two minutes—for a beautiful presentation and incredible taste.”


Source: Wilbur Curtis