Providing advanced protection against a wide range of hazardous industrial gases and oxygen deficiency, the TS4000 Intelligent Toxic Gas Detector from General Monitors is now rated as SIL 2 suitable.

General Monitors is a cutting-edge US manufacturer of combustible gas, toxic gas and flame detection monitoring products and its TS4000 gas detector has now been third-party certified.

The TS4000 monitors a variety of toxic gases in the parts per million (PPM) range and is easy to install, the device featuring one-person calibration and capable of virtually self-calibrating by activating a magnetic switch and applying gas.

The variety of gases monitored includes ammonia, carbon monoxide, chlorine dioxide, hydrogen chloride, nitrogen dioxide and oxygen among a number of others. Additionally, the product simplifies operation and maintenance and reduces downtime by indicating remaining sensor life.

The interface module processes information at the sensor site and communicates detected gas values to the base unit for data control and display and by combining explosion-proof certification with intrinsically safe inputs, the TS4000 provides high performance in hazardous locations.