CVD Equipment Corporation, a provider of chemical vapour deposition systems, has announced Thomas McNeil as its new Chief Financial Officer and Secretary.

McNeil has been a Chief Financial Officer since 1996 and has 17 years of securities and exchange commission (SEC) reporting experience with two public companies, as well as a full range of financial and operating experience.

Since April (2015), McNeil has been Chief Financial officer at Century Direct, LLC, a printing and mailing company serving the direct mail marketing industry. Prior to that, McNeil was a consultant at Mailmen Inc. until its assets were purchased by Century Direct, LLC.

“Mr McNeil, through his experience in public, manufacturing and engineering companies will bring a unique insight and perspective to lead the finance team,” said Leonard A Rosenbaum, President and Board Chairman of CDV Equipment Corporation.

“He will be a valuable asset to CDV as our company continues to expand and commercialise exciting new technology. We look forward to working with Tom,” said Rosebaum.

McNeil was also Chief Financial Officer at Nina Mclemore, a woman’s retail company, DineWise, a direct to consumer prepared frozen foods company and Global Payment Technologies, a hi-tech manufacturing company.