Chemical vapour deposition systems provider CVD Equipment Corporation has completed the purchase of its planned additional facility in New York.

The US-based company revealed its intention to expand in 2016 by providing advanced material solutions enabling new and unique applications through its wholly owned subsidiary, CVD Materials Corporation. This new facility will be the primary manufacturing centre for the company’s subsidiary.

President and CEO, Leonard A. Rosenbaum, stated, “With the completion of this purchase we now have the manufacturing space to accelerate our capabilities of providing materials, coatings and surface treatments to meet our customers’ needs.”

“We look forward to the expansion of our carbon composites and electronic material, Tantaline®, and newly acquired MesoScribe™, product lines. We also anticipate further growth, both organically and by possible future acquisitions. With the purchase behind us, we are now focusing on bringing the new facility on-line and for additional growth opportunities enabled by this additional 180,000sq ft facility.”