CVD Equipment Corporation has announced that it has signed a contract to purchase a 120,000 square foot facility in Central Islip, NY to expand its Engineering, Manufacturing, Administrative and Application Laboratory.

The new facility is located approximately 15 minutes from CVD’s existing Ronkonkoma facilities. The company’s two buildings in Ronkonkoma, NY, which total 63,275 square feet, are being offered for sale.

“The virtual doubling of the size of our Long Island facilities allows us to increase staff and capabilities in multiple product areas,” Leonard Rosenbaum, president of CVD Equipment Corporation, said. “With this expansion, we will further accelerate the commercialization of tomorrow’s technology and further our “Sustainable Growth with Low Risk” business strategy.”

The planned expansion includes First Nano R&D equipment, CVD Production equipment and, through the company’s Application Laboratory, process development and material manufacturing programs, which CVD says will advance the state of the art in 1D, 2D and 3D Nanotechnology beyond the traditional limits of the chemical vapor deposition field.