Business is booming for CVD Equipment, with the chemical vapor deposition systems company stating that orders exceeded $21m for 2021, highlighting an increase of 75% compared to 2020.

Having witnessing order growth in all segments and products, including a 100% growth in the VD equipment portion of the business, CVD expects the high order rates to continue in 2022.

It is thought the company has benefited from the increased demand for nanotechnology materials including carbon nanotubes (CNTs), graphene and silicon nanowires (Si-NWs) to support development and manufacturing for battery materials used in electric vehicles.

CVD received two system orders in 2021 to deposit coatings onto powders used in silicon-graphite anodes, including a production system to OneD Battery Sciences and a second for research and material development.

Further to that, strong demand for silicon carbide wafers to support high power electronics for energy storage and transmission/charging has bagged the company further orders, including a multi system order valued at approximately $2m.

Emmanuel Lakios, President and CEO of CVD Equipment Corporation, said, “CVD’s focus on growth markets in nano materials and aerospace gives ample end use market diversity. The entire space for energy storage, transmission and charging for electric vehicles is materialising. We support both production needs for present technology nodes as well as near- and longer-term material development in this market.”

“Furthermore, we continue to support our aerospace customers and are optimistic that the market segment will recover as air travel increases. Overall, we continue to see encouraging signals that our increased 2021 order rate will continue in 2022.”