CVD has recently deployed three new web presences. The websites are designed to be mobile device compatible and compatible with the latest web browsers.

Located at,, and, the websites are designed to be mobile device compatible and functional with the latest and most popular web browsers.

The new CVD Equipment and FirstNano™ websites have been launched and are ready to browse, while the new SDC™ website will be launched over the coming weeks.

The company has also revised everything from correspondence letterhead to marketing product brochures to reflect an up-to-date and more accurate image of the company, the markets we serve and to better communicate our portfolio of products and services.

Leonard Rosenbaum, President and CEO stated, “CVD has revised its websites and product literature to generate additional interest for our products and capabilities to enhance our future growth.”

“CVD will routinely revise our website content going forward to ensure that customers continue to look to CVD first for their chemical vapor deposition requirements.”

“As we develop new technologies and capabilities in the design and manufacturing of state of the art process equipment our customers and the markets we serve will be proactively informed. Our highly configurable chemical vapor deposition equipment for medical, aerospace, solar, nanomaterials, and other industrial and research applications will continue to drive our growth.”