CVD MesoScribe Technologies, a subsidiary of CVD Equipment, has been awarded a two-year contract, valued at approximately $750,000, by the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL).

A Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Phase II contract, the deal follows the successful completion of the company’s Phase I SBIR contract with the Air Force.

The Phase II SBR contract was issued on 11th March (2021) to further develop MesoScribe’s Direct Write technology to deposit high quality metallic and ceramic coatings onto gas turbine engine components.

Under the terms, CVD will develop the technology to enable high-definition coatings onto knife edge seal components to meet US Air Force 76 PMXG qualification specifications, while eliminating traditional part masking requirements.

Commenting on the news, Dr. Jeff Brogan, Vice-President of Sales and Marketing at CVD MesoScribe Technologies, said, “The two-phase II projects will enable the development of integrated sensor products on carbon-carbon and oxide-based CMC materials as well as provide cost effective solutions to deposit coatings onto knife edge seal engine components.”

“The proposed technology development will not only benefit the hypersonics community but provides opportunities to solve material challenges associated with sensor integration onto CMC parts within advanced gas turbine engines. We look forward to working with our Air Force program sponsors and stakeholders to validate MesoScribe’s sensor performance in high temperature environments.”

“We are excited for this opportunity to leverage our prior efforts in sensor fabrication and material printing to develop new products. This effort in CMC instrumentation is aligned with our CVD Equipment focus on manufacturing chemical vapor deposition systems to coat silicon carbide fibres and CMC preform materials in our aerospace and defence markets.”