CVD Equipment Corporation has entered into a contract to purchase a 180,000-square foot facility in Central Islip, New York, to serve as a new headquarters for its CVD Materials Corporation subsidiary.

The facility was chosen for its proximity, incentives offered, and overall lower capital outlay to establish the capabilities needed to support the anticipated growth of the business.

In 2016, CVD announced its intention to expand the company by providing advanced material solutions enabling new and unique applications through CVD Materials Corporation.

In December of 2016 CVD acquired the assets of Tantaline in Nordberg, Denmark. Tantaline CVD currently provides corrosion resistant Tantalum coatings on stainless steel and other metals to enhance their corrosion resistant properties and starting in mid-2018, Tantaline CVD will begin to provide this service for the North American continent in its new materials facility.

Leonard Rosenbaum, President of CVD Equipment corporation, stated, “The new facility for CVD Materials will help diversify our corporate product offerings and provide for less cyclicality in order levels. Using equipment designed and manufactured by CVD Equipment Corporation and building on our growing expertise in material processing will give us a significant advantage in meeting the cost, quality and time to market requirements that are expected by our customers. This expansion will accelerate the commercialisation of tomorrows technology and further our ‘Sustainable Growth with Low Risk’ business strategy at CVD Materials.”