CVD Equipment Corporation, a chemical vapour deposition and gas control equipment manufacturing business, has supplied the US Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) with next generation 2D semiconductor deposition equipment.

Earlier this year, the US-based corporation was awarded the contract to supply NRL with advanced deposition equipment to further their research in novel 2D transition metal dichalcogenide materials. The equipment was received at the customer’s facility last month.

Dr Berend Jonker, Senior Scientist at the Materials Science & Technology Division of NRL, commented, “The capabilities of CVD Equipment Corporation allowed us to specify exactly what we needed for our deposition equipment to develop new and innovative processes to optimise the synthesis and properties of this emerging class of atomically thin materials.”

CVD has shipped multiple systems for the synthesis of 2D TMDs this year, with more 2D TMD deposition systems in backlog and due to ship in 2018.