Worthington Cylinders, the world's leading global supplier of pressure cylinders, has announced a price increase on steel and aluminium LPG cylinders, with costs advancing with shipments beginning 15th September 2007.

The announcement follows increases in material and transportation costs the company faces, as outlined by Dusty McClintock, vice president of Sales and Marketing.
$quot;The continued increase in brass, aluminium and transportation costs have made it necessary for us to pass an increase on to the market. We are making every effort to contain our costs, however, these raw material and transportation increases have significantly impacted the company's costs,$quot; McClintock said.

The Ohio-based company has also announced an addition to its consumer products line, now offering its hand torch cylinders direct to retail and wholesale channels worldwide. The hand torch cylinders have been manufactured at Worthington's Wisconsin facility for more than 43 years, containing MAPP gas, oxygen, propane or propylene, and are the industry standard for hand torches.

The products will now be branded with the Worthington Cylinders manufacturer label and marketed as such, as McClintock explains, $quot;The move to offer our hand torch cylinders direct to retailers is a natural progression. We believe that this change in our distribution strategy will be favourably received in the market, as it will provide retailers and other outlets the option to eliminate the current 2-step distribution process.$quot;