Hulamin Cylinders, a division of Hulamin Ltd, has completed its name change and corporate re-branding.

Arising out of the unbundling and listing announced by the Hulett Aluminium shareholders in February 2006; it was decided to change the name of Hulett Aluminium to Hulamin and therefore our business has changed to Hulamin Cylinders.

The name change took effect on 1 April 2007, and applies to all operations in the Hulamin group. Furthermore, a new logo was launched which will be used by all Hulamin businesses.

The company itself dates back to 1973, when Armscor requested Hulamin to consider producing strong alloy seam-free aluminium tubes. Since then, the division was firstly known as the Tube plant, then Hulett Aluminium Special Products and most recently Hulett Cylinders.

Hulamin says that while the name and image has changed, the character and substance of the company remains intact.