Worthington Cylinders is now offering its unique hand torch cylinders direct to retail and wholesale channels worldwide.

The company is the only manufacturer of the industry standard hand torch cylinders, which contain MAPP® gas, propane, oxygen, or propylene, and are compatible with millions of hand torches used worldwide. The hand torch cylinders are used primarily by plumbing and refrigeration repair professionals and DIY specialists.

$quot;The move to offer our hand torch cylinders direct to retailers is a natural progression,$quot; said Dusty McClintock, vice president of sales for Worthington Cylinders. $quot;We believe that this change in our distribution strategy will be favorably received in the market, as it will provide retailers and other outlets the option to eliminate the current two-step distribution process.$quot;

Worthington Cylinders plans to support the line of hand torch cylinders with an integrated marketing strategy including advertising, public relations and point of purchase displays.