TW Cryogenics LLC, a division of Taylor-Wharton International LLC has revealed base-price increases covering the company’s Bulk Tank and Portable Liquid Cylinder product lines, effective as of 1st June 2008 and borne out of the escalating raw material costs around the world.

The base-price increase for bulk tanks is 3.8% and liquid cylinders will increase an average of 5%, with worldwide demand for premium steel scrap, alloy content and oil cited as reasons for the dramatic scale of material increases recently.

Scott W. Boyd, Vice President of Sales and Marketing stated, “This new cycle of increases continues to be driven by staggering surges in raw material costs. Recent increases from our steel suppliers have escalated an average of 15% for carbon-based steel plate.”

Boyd also noted, “The steel mills have advised that they are not accepting new customers and are not allocating additional volume to present customers. Although our suppliers continue to reliably serve our factories to date, we are concerned that the ever-increasing global demand for steel may begin to have an effect on deliveries.”

Orders placed for shipment prior to 1st June 2008 will be accepted at existing base-prices on a first-come/first-served basis, and subject to available inventory and manufacturing capacity at time of order.