TW Cylinders LLC, a division of Taylor-Wharton International LLC, has announced price increases effective as of 1st May 2008 covering all acetylene and high pressure cylinder product lines.

Orders placed for shipment prior to 1st May will be accepted at existing prices on a
first-come first-served basis, and subject to available inventory and manufacturing capacity at time of order.

Scott W. Boyd, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, stated, “Unprecedented price escalation for the alloy steels required by specification to manufacture high pressure and acetylene cylinders compel us to increase our price structure for these product lines on 1st May.”

Boyd further commented that, “The steel mills have increased their prices in excess of 20%, in a single 30-day period, for steel chemistry requiring premium scrap and certain chrome and vanadium alloys.”

“Global increases for oil and fossil fuel commodities are assessed daily in the present economic environment and have a relentless impact on the daily manufacturing costs for all of our cylinder product lines. The persistent increases in energy related fees and surcharges affect the costs to operate our factories, transport raw materials and component parts to our factories and ship finished products to our customers.”

The company cited increases in energy, transportation and material costs, as reasons for its newly announced price revisions, operating 19 manufacturing, sales, warehouse and service facilities in 6 countries and on 4 continents, and marketing its products in over 80 countries worldwide.