Cymer Inc, manufacturer of laser equipment used in semiconductor manufacturing, announced this summer that it had reached a multi-unit agreement with Japan’s Toshiba for its technology to be used at the company’s fab facility.

Under the terms of the deal, Toshiba will include Cymer’s krypton fluoride and argon fluoride light sources in its future 300mm investment plan at its memory fabrication facility in Japan.

Toshiba is expected to achieve higher productivity and lower cost of operation as a result of the multi-unit deal, according to a Cymer spokeswoman. Cymer would not disclose the number of units but indicated the installation will take place over the next two to three quarters.

Ed Brown, President and COO for Cymer, commented, “This agreement symbolises Cymer’s strong commitment to Toshiba’s business model and long-term success, as well as the rising adoption of our next-generation XLR technology among top global chipmakers.”

Cymer Japan Ltd. is one of the world’s leading suppliers of light sources used in semiconductor lithography, with the prevalence of it’s XLR platform as the technology of choice for scanner and chipmaker customers increasing steadily in 2008.

As a part of the recently announced agreement, Toshiba’s new light sources and current installed systems will receive light source support through Cymer’s By the Pulse Programme. Toshiba will also benefit from the Cymer’s Gas Lifetime eXtension (GLX) control system which will come integrated on lasers, extending the gas refill interval from 100 million pulses to 2 billion pulses and enabling increased scanner output and availability.