Global renewable gas company DMT Environmental Technology (DMT) will provide biogas upgrading technology for one of the first biomethane facilities injecting into the Czech Republic natural gas network.

General EPC and contracting will be handled by family-owned engineering firm HUTIRA – BRNO. 

The CZK 50 million project ($2.3m) – located at the Agricultural Cooperative of Breeders and Growers in Litomysl – will turn 400 normal cubic metres per hour (Nm3/hr) of biogas generated by cow manure and agricultural crops into biomethane. 

This conversion will be made possible using DMT’s membrane separation technology, the Carborex MS. 

An upstream gas pipeline will also transport the biomethane to a VTL gas pipeline and a compressed natural gas (CNG) pumping station. 

Commenting on the project, Monika Zitterbartova, Executive Director, HUTIRA Green Gas, said, “The HUTIRA brand has decided to gradually transform its business towards greater sustainability.” 

“We take the contract for the complete supply of biomethane production technology to the Litomysl Agricultural Cooperative of Breeders and Growers as confirmation that we have made the right decision.” 

The project will be co-financed using subsidies from the EU and the Ministry of Industry and Trade, in addition to a grant provided by the Operation Programme Enterprise and Innovation for Competitiveness (OPEIC).