The Dutch company Dalco Food- which specialises in the production of meat and vegetable ingredients for food- has optimised its food forming process with a liquid nitrogen injection solution by using the Freshline® LIN-IS from Air Products.

An Air Products customer since 1996, it is natural to the specialist cryogenic cooler that Dalco Food turned to them to find a solution allowing it to improve the efficiency of its production line and reduce losses during phase forming its veggie burgers. By integrating Freshline®LIN-IS injection solution to its mixers, the Dutch company’s issues quickly lead to the perfect temperature without loss of quality preparations for them to reach the desired texture upstream from forming. The result: improved productivity and 2% less waste.

Effective at cooling, liquid nitrogen has long been used to control the temperature of a wide range of food products – Meat, fish, fruit and vegetables, dairy products and sauces – during their implementation. The benefits are many: prevent food from overheating during mixing which could affect its appearance and its quality - to limit product loss during the forming phase as Dalco has found – and reduce microbial growth. Moreover, since nitrogen is an inert gas, no chemical reaction occurs with the food that is likely to affect its quality or color. The gas is usually injected at regular intervals in the bottom of the food mixture via different injection sites to maintain the controlled cold temperature. The amount of nitrogen is set for each recipe and guarantees perfect reproducibility of the process.

The liquid nitrogen injection solution used in the Freshline® LIN-IS can be set for many foods, depending on their composition (water content, fat …). Air Products now offers a variant with an injection of the gas from the top (instead of down) that will spray liquid nitrogen over the mixture. More economical, it is particularly relevant for products such as fatty sauces that foam quickly or doughs.

The Freshline®LIN-IS system is fully compliant with the latest standards of hygiene and safety.