A study to explore the future production of liquid e-fuels in Denmark has received a grant worth DKK 5.8m (£670k).

Awarded to project partners Everfuel A/S (Everfuel), Crossbridge Energy A/S) Crossbridge through a collaboration with Aalborg University, the funding will go towards financing the pre-feasibility study for development of a test production plant in Fredericia, Denmark. 

Designed to demonstrate e-fuel production and help showcase electrolyser technologies, the plant’s testing phase aims to study the applications of HySynergy liquid e-fuels as a clean fuel for mobility, the potential as an aviation jet fuel and for marine applications. 

Part of the test will see Everfuel supplying green hydrogen to be converted into methanol in a reactor with CO2 supplied by Crossbridge. 

“Green hydrogen is key to unlocking zero-emission mobility at scale on land, in the air and at sea,” commented Jacob Krogsgaard, CEO, Everfuel. 

“Exploring the synergies provided in this project will be highly interesting and pave the way for even better ways to utilise the green hydrogen we produce.” 

Results of the study will be used to assess scaling up of e-fuel production and will explore ways that green hydrogen could be combined with CO2 for the production of sustainable fuels.

Because methanol acts as a hydrogen carrier and remains liquid under ambient pressure and temperature, storage and transport are regarded as easier and cheaper than cryogenic or pressurised distribution of hydrogen.

Methanol synthesis has an energy efficiency of about 80%, considered more efficient than generating cryogenic liquid hydrogen.