Dansensor, a MOCON company, is introducing a new vision system engineered to work with the company’s modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) systems. The VisioPointer package inspection system, will be making its debut at Anuga FoodTec, Cologne, 24-27 March.

Consumers, as well as retailers, expect performance, accurate information and visual aesthetics from the food packages they purchase or sell. Leaking packages, misplaced labels, incorrect coding are all attributes that can damage a brand’s shelf life and reputation.

Dansensor’s VisioPointer vision-based package inspection system uses software to immediately locate product that has been trapped in the sealing area, causing leakage and/or shelf life failure. It can also check label information, placement, coding and other physical attributes.

The intuitive software offers enhanced capabilities compared to others in the marketplace by identifying issues before they become major problems. (One example is the ability to identify the specific cavity in the thermoforming tool which is not performing properly.) This gives food processors accurate information that can be used to correct the issue faster, resulting in improved production line productivity and less waste.

“Contamination in the sealing area can reduce shelf life drastically because the protective gas mixture can escape from the package. Products can spoil before it even reaches the retail shelf, causing problems throughout the distribution chain,” said Karsten Kejlhof, Director of sales and marketing.

VisioPointer also supports Industry 4.0 objectives. Industry 4.0 or the “fourth industrial revolution,” refers to industrial computerisation to produce intelligent manufacturing processes with a high degree of automation, continuous process monitoring and high levels of quality assurance.  The concept was introduced in Germany in 2011 and has been gaining traction across Europe.  It is expected to be one of the focal points at this year’s Anuga trade fair.