DATAC Control International Ltd. has recently announced the 25th anniversary of its incorporation.

Founded by current CEO, Mr Cyril Kerr, in Dublin in 1981, DATAC has grown to become a global player in the manufacture and supply of automation and control systems, Telemetry and wireless Machine-2-Machine communications.

Having invested heavily in an in-depth R&D programme, DATAC has in recent years entered the Machine-2-Machine communications market. This technology allows remote control and monitoring of corporate assets.

DATAC's M2M development has been angled towards meeting the increasing need for automation and remote monitoring of gas tanks and cylinders. The DATAC Cryo Unit uses floor standing scales to measure tank levels in cryogenic gas cylinders.

Tank levels are sent either via GSM/GPRS text message, through the Dial-up phone network or the internet to a DATAC designed suite of software at the gas supplier's central office. Low level alarms prevent run-outs. Leakage detection increases security. Remote control of the cylinders enables shut down in leak situations.

DATAC has recently become involved with an interesting application for a specialty Gas Supplier in New Zealand. The innovative project involves monitoring racks containing up to 15 cylinders of special gases such as Nitrogen, Oxygen and Argon used in the building industry. The DATAC Monitoring unit detects a low pressure alarm and uses the in-built GPS tracking facility to indicate to the gas distributor where he needs to despatch a truck.

Mr Kerr said: $quot;It's a fantastic achievement to reach the 25 year mark, The key to our success has been working with the gas distributors or resellers to help them achieve the benefits their company need, be it cost cutting, improving customer service or loyalty.$quot;