The US’ DataOnline has revealed that L+H Automation Inc., headquartered in Mandaluyong City, has signed an agreement to represent the company’s array of products and services in the Philippines.

As part of the agreement, L+H Automation will support DataOnline’s industrial gas business and its range of solutions for the water, waste water and chemical industries.

Louie Lim, DataOnline Asia Regional Office manager, explained, “L+H Automation has been supporting DataOnline products and services for several years in the Philippines and have now been officially added to our Asian rep network. They are involved in many industries and will not only be supporting our industrial gas business but also promoting our solutions for the water, waste water and chemical industries.”

“L+H Automation have been chosen to represent DataOnline as part of our growth programme for Asia. This is another success for our Asia Regional Office, based in Malaysia, who have been chartered with the task of growing our distribution network in Asia.”

Lowell L. Sy, L+H Automation President, seemed equally enthusiastic and added, “We are excited about this opportunity to represent DataOnline. We have been working with them for several years now and our customers are finding great value in these remote monitoring solutions. We hope to help DataOnline grow their presence in the Philippines and provide the local expertise and support customers expect.”

DataOnline is a leading global provider of M2M (Machine To Machine) solutions specifically for the monitoring of remote industrial assets.