Leading machine-to-machine solutions specialist DataOnline has launched new microbulk scheduling and delivery software to enhance distribution methods, efficiencies and economics for delivering cryogenic atmospheric gases and carbon dioxide (CO2).

In the new Microbulk Scheduler apps, which were exclusively launched today at gasworld’s CO2 Summit in Austria, companies can optimise fleet transportation by easily creating routes based on data forecast from DataOnline’s telemetry solutions.

The software, which links to DataOnline’s flagship data platform DOLV3, allows users to quickly and easily schedule deliveries using real-time tank level data.

The Scheduler app also highlights tanks in priority-order as well as geographical locations to optimise daily routes. The delivery app guides drivers through their route, facilitates customer billing and records individual daily delivery reports automatically.

In essence, the new software offering provides companies total inventory visibility of their microbulk tank assets and a means of optimising logistics to supply product to customers.

By using the software apps, the company claims gas suppliers can cut their number of deliveries by about 30%, offering substantial savings in both time and money.

Other benefits include increased utilisation of trucks and drivers, the elimination of potential run-outs, reduced road miles and total inventory visibility.


Rob Barnacle, President of the US-based business, explained, “It’s a value-added aspect to our monitoring solution and it’s very easy to use. It eliminates all of the manual paperwork that was done before and all the issues that came with it. So, the Microbulk Scheduler app offers a solution to see real-time tank level data in a very user-friendly format that our customers can then use to drive their business growth through optimisation.”

“It offers visibility from an executive level all the way down through the business,” he added. 

DataOnline carried out pilot tests with leading major and independent suppliers to develop the software and has secured a project with a leading distribution company in China next month to roll out the Microbulk Scheduler app in the North Pacific rim country.

It has initially been designed for the CO2 market in the US in response to a strong end-user interest in Microbulk monitoring in restaurant and hospitality facilities, but DataOnline has plans to roll this out to other alternative gas markets such as propane and specialty chemical markets in the near future.