Headquartered in Berkeley Heights, New Jersey in the US, rapidly growing company DataOnline is establishing a solid global network for its remote monitoring solutions.

Continually finding new markets and applications, the company’s products and services appear to be in ever-growing demand both at home and abroad.

DataOnline is now active in more than 35 countries and developing strong alliances with key players in the industrial gas business – an industry the company dominates in terms of Machine-to-Machine (M2M) solutions.

Twenty years of service solutions
Born out of years of experience in the industrial gas business, DataOnline was founded in 1989 by former BOC employees Robert Barnacle and Martin Adams.

Using incisive industry knowledge, the company was formed in response to a niche in the market, as both Barnacle and Adams recognised an opportunity for cryogenic tank monitoring – in order to optimise the supply chain and in turn, reduce road miles for trucking gases.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the first DataOnline customer was BOC in North America, based in Murray Hill, New Jersey (NJ).

The company’s apparent vast reserves of experience and technical expertise belies its actual age. This year sees DataOnline reach a milestone birthday as it celebrates 20 years of age, two decades that have seen the company expand beyond NJ and into a global enterprise with offices throughout the world.

Determined to increase its local presence overseas, DataOnline extends its global support network through the opening of regional offices and key partnerships with local companies.

The past year alone has seen the company establish itself in a number of locations in the Asia-Pacific region.

Identifying both China and the Pacific Rim regions as areas of high growth potential, DataOnline opened the first of several regional offices in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in July 2008, while August saw the company sign-up a Thai representative for its products and services in Bangkok company Blue Stacks.

Having developed a global distribution network, the company has had to adapt its products and services to an ever-changing world – as communications and electronics technology have advanced hugely in the past 20 years and the world of M2M evolves.

So what exactly is M2M?
The company finds itself at the heart of a flourishing business sector, as the world of wireless tracking and process support takes on greater importance in the gases industry.

M2M is essentially an ‘umbrella term’ for systems where a machine or industrial asset exchanges data with an individual or the company’s management systems, encompassing a wide variety of applications from vehicle tracking to utility monitoring.

With such a broad range of applications to service, the M2M industry is experiencing sharp growth and forecasts in recent years had estimated its value to grow from $50bn in 2007, to a more than healthy $220bn in 2011.

DataOnline is dominant in terms of service and support to the industrial gases community, with over 90% of this market and impressive, double digit sales growth each year.

The company specialises in providing sensors, communications and a web portal to monitor industrial assets, though the world of M2M reaches even further still.

Keen to emphasise how positively DataOnline’s services can enhance operations throughout the industrial gas spectrum, President Robert Barnacle explains, “In the current economic climate DataOnline solutions are seen as a necessary technology for cost reduction, an important tool for optimising the supply chain, providing inventory and asset visibility and getting the most value from assets and resources. Our total end-to-end solutions are quick, easy and cost effective and as a one stop shop, with a global footprint we can impact our customers’ bottom line immediately.”

Such comprehensive services to the gases industry have clearly attracted the attention of some of the big players in the industrial gas community, as the company’s significant annual sales growth illustrates.

DataOnline attributes much of its successful sales and fruitful 20 year history to established, long term relationships with major gas companies, distributors and tank manufacturers.

Partnerships with smaller independent distributors have also been cultivated in the past few years, as the company’s footprint and reputation expands.

Nurturing relationships within the industry is naturally a fundamental for DataOnline, one such example being its recent alliance with Chart Industries.

The two companies have teamed-up to repackage Chart’s Cyl-Tel electronic liquid level gauge, so it can be readily upgraded in the field to transmit data to DataOnline’s secure website.

The redesign, resulting in the new Cyl-Tel Universal design, uses the same case as DataOnline’s popular DataPort telemetry unit and ensures components are interchangeable between the two products.