DataOnline, the leading global provider of machine to machine (M2M) solutions, has been included in M2M magazine’s prestigious M2M 100 list, for the third year in a row.

The M2M 100 list is a directory of the most important and influential machine-to-machine technology providers, as determined by the editors of the magazine and its editorial advisory board.

It is designed to provide a snapshot of the market as it exists today and the companies with the greatest impact on its direction, and is published in conjunction with the 2010 M2M Sourcebook, which also features unique custom research of the market.

Companies are chosen for the M2M 100 based on a number of criteria, including strength and number of customer references, establishment in the market, growth potential, and active involvement in and support for the M2M community.

Over the past year, the M2M industry did see noteworthy market consolidation, but also found itself continuing the pattern of stability that has been prominent in recent years.

Only eight new companies were added to the M2M 100 2010 list. Among the new additions were big names like Google and Cisco Systems, companies that, while large and well-established overall, are just beginning to make M2M a strategic initiative.

Peggy Smedley, Editorial Director of M2M magazine commented, “The M2M 100 represents the leaders in a rapidly changing marketplace, especially as machine-to-machine extends its reach into B2B, and now B2C.”

“Right now, we are witnessing the evolution of this industry, and the 100 companies named are the face of the market today as well as what we see in the future.”

Mike Carrozzo, Chief Editor of M2M magazine also commented, “The machine-to-machine industry is providing solutions that streamline processes and generate additional opportunities for those who are deploying them. Because of this, M2M has continued to broaden its reach, even in these struggling economic times.”

DataOnline is the leading remote solutions provider to the industrial gas industry. Its offering includes bulk and micro-bulk tank telemetry, PSA plant monitoring, and hydrogen pumping station monitoring.

Industrial gas corporations, distributors, tank manufacturers and many other associated companies use DataOnline’s products and services to help monitor and manage cryogenic products, making it very deserving of this latest accolade.