DataOnline revealed at gasworld’s CO2 Summit in Innsbruck, Austria, that it will be rebranding as Anova.

Anova is the new singular, global brand combining four leading tank monitoring companies – DataOnline, WESROC, Wikon, and iTank. 

The company delivers data insights to reduce costs, prevent stockouts, and improve customer service. Anova, which has offices worldwide and headquarters in New Providence, New Jersey, provides industry-leading remote monitoring hardware, cloud-based scheduling and route planning tools, mobile access, and 24/7 support.

From supply chain optimisation and advanced analytics to environmental compliance and hazardous container tracking, Anova has a growing network of more than 350,000 cellular, satellite, and LPWAN devices in 65+ countries around the globe.

”Anova is the same talented people – highly focused on customers’ success, with decades of experience – with a new name and look,” said CEO Chet Reshamwala at the Interalpen Hotel Tyrol in the heart of the Austrian Alps.

Anova also showcased its BC100 at the gasworld’s CO2 Summit. The BC100 was designed specifically for beverage carbon dioxide (CO2) applications, and provides up-to-date monitoring to optimise logistics and ensure adequate product inventory at customer sites.

Anova will officially launch in the coming weeks.