DataOnline has announced that Chart Cryogenic Engineering Systems Co. Ltd, has signed an agreement to sell DataOnline products and solutions in the People's Republic of China.

Headquartered in Changzhou City and a subsidiary of Chart Industries, Chart Cryogenic Engineering Systems will now be an official telemetry partner of DataOnline.

DataOnline is a leading global provider of M2M (Machine To Machine) solutions specifically for the monitoring of remote industrial assets. Specialising in robust and reliable hardware, data acquisition, wireless communications and advanced web-based information services, DataOnline has offices in the US, Europe and Asia.

Speaking of the newly agreed partnership, Louie Lim, DataOnline Asia Regional Office manager, explained, “Chart has been our business partner in the US for quite a number of years. Extending our relationship with Chart in Asia provides local support to our customers in the industrial gas and other businesses.$quot;

$quot;Our products and services complement each other to provide our customers with a one stop solution for remote monitoring needs. This is another success for our Asia Regional Office, based in Malaysia, who have been chartered with the task of growing our distribution network in Asia.”

Eric Rottier, President of Chart Asia Inc., added, $quot;Our partnership with DataOnline will provide local support for our customers in China as they adopt and expand their telemetry platform. Integrating DataOnline’s gauge into our cryogenic bulk tanks enhances and differentiates our product offering. We are excited to expand our existing remote tank monitoring relationship with DataOnline to China.”

Look out for the forthcoming DataOnline company profile in gasworld magazine!