Day two of Cryogen-Expo has seen the most footfall, the least rain and according to many delegates, the majority of sales.

gasworld was lucky enough to meet members of several global corporations such as Praxair and Air Liquide, as well as representatives from established regional firms including Red Mountain and Akela-N.

Perhaps some of the most interesting discussions took place at 'local' booths. gasworld was treated to a one-to-one with Konstantin Ivanov, Director and relatively new addition to Cryo Gas Systems, who showed us some of the company's latest technologies.

The ambient vaporiser was particularly eye-catching and it came as no surprise to our roving reporter when Ivanov described a prestigious customer base, incorporating VRV and Herose among others.

Amid the eager customer enquiries, we were also fortunate enough to gain an exclusive interview with Anatoly Tarasenko, Director for Red Mountain. Tarasenko's interview will appear in full shortly online. In the meantime, he was keen to describe the applicability of cryogenics.

Tarasenko remarked, $quot;Cryogen is a thing you can find in every type of field and economy, in all markets. The main customers are people who sell technical production gases, but there are also companies that deal with oil and gas, in addition to metals. So, you can see, cryogen is everywhere - it isn't limited to one field or one application.$quot;

During the interview, Tarasenko also broached the wider significance of conferences such as Cryo-Expo. He advised, $quot;I believe that for any company who wants to make a successful business, it is essential to participate in events like this. Plus it is a way to show yourself to your customers, to meet customers more personally, which is very important since we don't often get the opportunity to meet the public.$quot;

He added, $quot;Almost all the biggest companies that deal with Cryogen are here at the exhibition; so it is very important that we are present and show ourselves.$quot;

In addition to securing sales, many delegates were caught commenting on the growth of the exhibition. Indeed, Fedor Kolesov, visitor to the Expo and Head of Foreign Affairs at Akela-N, a speciality gas producer based in Moscow's suburbs, commented in surprise to gasworld about the size of the event in comparison to its earlier siblings. The expanding nature of this event did not go unnoticed by exhibitors either.

Tarasenko remarked, $quot;There is a clear connection between the growth of the exhibition and the growth of the market.$quot;

Nevertheless the main reason for the exhibition is to communicate new technologies and catalyse the growth of cryogenics as a whole, which Red Mountain's Tarasenko highlighted by concluding, $quot;The most important thing is that the equipment involved in the cryogenic industry is modernised and renewed regularly.$quot;

Day 'Tri': Visit the gasworld website for the third and final instalment from Cryogen-Expo. Focusing still on regional activity, we talk exclusively to Linde and WITT Gastechnik.