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Picture the scene: A welcoming modern hotel in the heart of Ukraine, thriving with discussion, debate and a meeting of minds for the industrial gases community.

That’s exactly the case in Kiev this morning, as East truly meets West. After a fine night’s entertainment at the Gala Dinner, Day Two of the gasworld Eastern Europe Conference is now underway.

With an agenda that today explores two key areas for the region, Bulk Operations and Cylinder Operations, delegates have assembled a little earlier this morning to get the proceedings underway.

Day Two will see an array of presentations covering the dynamics of the Eastern Europe gases supply chain and crucially, the technologies that are available to meet these challenges.

Respected speakers include CryoGo’s Hannes Rucker, discussing Maximising Payload of Bulk Liquids, Roland Wagner of Chart Ferox who will be explaining Flow Meters for Bulk Tanker Distribution, and Cryostar’s Laurent Reichenshammer who explains Pump Technology for Bulk Liquids.

As the conjecture continues, the attention then turns to Cylinder Operations and the insights of luminaries Bruce Holman (Rexarc), Andrey Ruban (Worthington Cylinders GmbH), Leon Kaelin (Swiss TS) and Don Renner (Weldcoa).

Getting the day underway was Session 4 Chairman Igor Voronin, of Technex. He opened, “I hope everyone is enjoying their stay in Kiev and this will remain in your memory as a good stay in our country.$quot;

$quot;I’d like to start today’s session, as we discuss bulk operations and first of all, I give you Hannes Rucker of CryoGo. Thank you.$quot;

Keep a close eye on the gasworld website throughout the day, as we provide live updates and the latest daily news stories from the event.

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