Employees of Dearman, the clean cold technology company, are working with STEMNET (the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Network) to become STEM Ambassadors.

This forms part of Dearman’s commitment, the company says, not only to create innovative zero-emission technologies, but also to create economic benefit and opportunity.

The company employs a significant number of engineers, and that number is set to grow. But it recognises that to be successful in the long-term, the brightest and best young people must be inspired to take up engineering and to join companies like Dearman.

The STEMNET programme represents an important opportunity to reach young people and to encourage them to begin rewarding and creative technical careers.

Nick Owen, Chief Technology Officer at Dearman, said, “At Dearman, skills development and personal growth are part of our company ethos – and this attitude is not confined to the training and development of our staff. The STEM Ambassadors Programme is a fantastic opportunity for our talented employees to pass on their enthusiasm to the next generation of engineers, technology developers and analysts.”

Dearman currently employs more than 50 people across two sites, from a range of professional backgrounds and including several recent graduates.

Dearman employees joining the nationwide programme will be part of a volunteer force of more than 30,000 STEM Ambassadors. Working with 95% of secondary schools across the UK, STEMNET enables young people of all backgrounds and abilities to meet role models through the STEM Ambassadors Programme.

Ambassadors will engage in activities such as giving talks at careers fairs, supporting after-school STEM clubs, providing careers advice to pupils and acting as role models for the industry.