Dearman is putting sustainable cooling at the heart of discussions about urbanisation this week, as part of an Innovate UK-MiGHT organised visit to Malaysia.

Coinciding with the British Prime Minister David Cameron’s trade mission to South East Asia, the aim of the visit is to establish research, innovation and commercial partnerships between the UK and Malaysia.

Focused upon delivering new technologies and infrastructure to support sustainable urbanisation, the mission has the potential to open up a wide range of export opportunities for the UK’s burgeoning clean cold industry, Dearman claims.

With the Malaysian Government recognising the challenges that urbanisation and climate change pose, ensuring sustainable economic growth has moved to the top of country’s successful development agenda.

Cooling plays a vital role in urban life, including processing, storing and transporting food, delivering healthcare and cooling both buildings and transportation. As countries grow richer and their urban population grows, a key challenge will be how to meet growing demand for cold sustainably.

Dearman aims to help meet this challenge by providing innovative clean cold and power technology along with cutting-edge expertise in delivery of clean sustainable cold. The company’s visit to Malaysia – via representative and International Ambassador Dr. Tim Fox as part of a UK delegation – builds upon strong international connections that have already been established in important markets including India, Singapore and the US as ‘clean cold’ gains momentum.

Indeed, Dearman Chief Executive Toby Peters told gasworld recently that, “Now is the time to invest – time and funds – in innovation, bringing together clean cold pioneers from both our industries to formulate comprehensive strategies that will establish a new clean cold economy. We must use the current momentum to act. Now is the time to ‘do cold smarter’.”


Dr. Fox (pictured) described the mission to Malaysia as an opportunity to not only reach out to the fast-growing Malaysian and South East Asian markets, but also to raise the profile of sustainable cooling on the international agenda. He added, “Sustainable urbanisation must consider the growing demand for energy consumption in the provision of cooling, but to date cold has been sorely neglected in national and international debates.”

“However, the Malaysian Government is showing great foresight in its willingness to consider innovative approaches from the international community. These will enable it to leapfrog the polluting technologies of the past and establish itself as a regional hub for delivering commercial clean-tech.”

“The Prime Minister’s presence here underlines the importance of international relationships to UK plc and is a welcome show of support for companies who are meeting global challenges with innovation.”

The UK is rapidly becoming the centre of clean cold technology R&D, activity that could create 10,000 British jobs by 2025, according to The Carbon Trust.