The latest report from Dearman claims diesel transport refrigeration units in the EU could have the same air quality impact as up to 65 million diesel cars.

This shocking finding is just one of the key findings of Liquid Air on the European Highway, the latest report by Dearman, the clean cold technology company.

The report finds that there are approximately 1 million refrigerated vehicles in the EU, transporting perishable goods within the supply chain. Until now the impact of the disproportionately polluting refrigeration units that cool fresh and frozen produce in transport has not been unacknowledged. Moreover, their environmental cost has never before been assessed.

These findings will be discussed at a report launch on September 29, at the British Embassy in Brussels. Speakers include Marie Donnelly, from DG Energy, and Professor Toby Peters, CEO of Dearman and Visiting Professor in Power and Cold Economy at University of Birmingham.

Discussing the report, Professor Peters said, “This is the first time that the environmental cost of transport refrigeration has been quantified, and the results have been shocking. With 400,000 people dying prematurely every year in the EU as a result of air pollution, we simply cannot afford to ignore these hidden polluters any longer.”

“Awareness is growing in the UK and the policy landscape just beginning to change, but action is needed now to prevent further environmental damage.”

Dearman is demonstrating a zero-emission transport refrigeration system, powered by liquid nitrogen. The system will be in on-road commercial trials in the UK later this year, with European trials to follow in 2016 before entering commercial manufacture in 2017.