Clean cold technology enterprise Dearman will discuss the role that the clean cold chain infrastructure can play in improving air quality throughout India this week at the India-UK Tech Summit in New Delhi.

the dearman engine

The Dearman Engine

Source: Dearman

Those in attendance will see the company’s novel prototype engine, which harnesses the expansion of liquid nitrogen (N2) to produce zero emission cold and power and is the heart of Dearman’s technology portfolio.

The environmentally-friendly technology delivers significant reductions in harmful emissions compared to established diesel-powered alternatives across the transport, logistics and built environment sectors and could have a significant impact on the South Asian country’s air quality.

Toby Peters, founder and Chief Executive of the UK-based business, explained the effect that the company’s technology could have in India and said, “Dearman’s clean cold and power technology can have enormous impact around the world, but nowhere more so than in India.”

“Growing demand for cold in India can be met using existing diesel systems, but the environmental effects would be very significant in a country already suffering from urban air quality problems. Cutting edge, zero-emission technology, such as the Dearman Engine, can provide a sustainable alternative.”

The India-UK Tech Summit, which marks the celebration of India and the UK’s partnership across business, technology, science, innovation, education and design, takes place from 7th-9th November in New Delhi.