UK-based technology company Dearman has had a taste of fame after its clean and cold technologies were featured in a series produced by global broadcaster CNN.

In the programme, entitled ‘The Connectors,’ Dearman showcased its ground-breaking, liquid nitrogen (N2) powered clean cold and power technology, and addressed the environmental impact of cooling.

The feature, which was filmed at the Dearman Technology Centre in London, includes footage of the truck on which the Dearman Gen2 zero-emission refrigeration system is completing testing. The show has been broadcast by CNN in Asia, Europe and the US.

In the programme, Toby Peters, CEO of the corporation, says, “Cold is for me the biggest challenge that we face globally. Dearman has created the world’s first engine delivering zero-emission cold and power. Cold is the backbone of our society, and we’ve got to do it in a new, clean way.”

Dearman was selected as one of a number of innovative companies to feature, whose technologies have the potential to have a significant positive impact on the world.

Source: Dearman/CNN

Dearman CEO, Toby Peters, discusses clean cold technology in CNN feature